Church Membership (New Convert’s Series – Lesson 3)


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  1. The Local Church:

God’s chosen people, the Church, is made up of all true Christians everywhere, but is manifested in local churches. Until we are in fellowship with a local church we are not truly in fellowship with the universal Church.

We are disciples of Christ. But since Christ went back to heaven He disciples us by His Holy Spirit through His Body the Church. We cannot receive this discipleship without connection to a local church. So local church membership is vital to our walk with Christ. Continue reading “Church Membership (New Convert’s Series – Lesson 3)”

The Local Church and Pioneer Missions (Part 2)

 All Nations

            I am firmly convinced that local churches who have taken the Lord’s Great Commission (summed up in the words win, build and send) as their daily marching orders are uniquely equipped to bear fruit in the unreached nations of the world. I am also certain that congregations who have seen the wisdom of this simple vision by walking in it will not stray far from it, and that fact will ensure our fruitfulness. It is not in the realm of getting off course that such churches have the potential for missing our destiny, but in not recognizing the scope of the Great Commission. These congregations are firmly rooted in the labor of that commission, but we must pay attention to the territory where that labor is to be spent as well. We are to “go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey all that He has commanded us.”
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The Local Church and Pioneer Missions (Part 1)

In this three part series of posts we will look at the task and the scope of the Great Commission. Special attention will be paid to the role of local churches in fulfilling that commission. These posts were originally written for the fellowship of churches I am a part of. I have attempted to adjust them in order to make them applicable to all local churches that are involved in radical evangelism, personal discipleship and church planting. I am afraid that I was not able make successfully expand all of the examples, so some of them will only apply to a small percentage of local churches. But I think the posts are food for thought nonetheless, so I have decided to post them anyway. I hope they help spur you and your church towards fulfilling the Great Commission.

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